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    天津快乐十分|天津快乐十分福利彩票. is a demonstration and high-tech enterprise for science and technology. Acknowledged ISO9001 International Quality System Certificate, it is the backbone enterprise for the domestic production and export of refractories in science and technology field.The company is located in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, with Haidan highway on the east, Shenya...


    Jinfufeng provides you with safe and stable products


    Sintered magnesite

    MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 synthetic clinker

    Synthetic MgO-CaO clinker

    Gunning mix for electric furnace

    Ramming mix for electric furnace

    Hot patching mix for electric f

    Ramming mix for ferroalloy elect

    Dry mix for working lining of t

    Gunning mix for tundish

    Magnesia patching mix

    Gunning mix for converter

    Hot patching mix for converter

    Magnesia brick

    Direct bonded magnesia-chrome br

    Co-sintered magnesia-chrome bric

    MgO-AlaO3 brick and periclase-sp

    Electrically fused rebounded mag

    Forsterite brick

    MgO-C brick

    MgO-CaO brick

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  • Company Philosophy:We abide by the commitment of product safety and stability, and develop in the spirit of limited resources and unlimited innovation.
  • Service Commitment:Enjoy the high-quality service, feel the value well worth the money, pursue the details and feelings!
  • Company Management:We strictly implement 5S standard and create first-class quality.
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  • 天津快乐十分|天津快乐十分福利彩票.
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